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A lot of complains, don’t need to actually read them :)

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Sharktoothed performs an abridged version of Let it Go from the movie Frozen, Part I

Click each image for full-size! A million thanks to timpietim for helping me grab more screenshots for these shenanigans last night and being super-patient with the whole thing.

Part II

Let it Go video with lyrics

Lol inb4 mass-unfollows because I’m ruining all the fandoms. Sorry not sorry. This was too much fun to not do.

Best thing I saw lately.

Sad day is sad. I’m out of money both irl and in game.
Good luck with that Eryn!!

Sad day is sad. I’m out of money both irl and in game.

Good luck with that Eryn!!

If you hate it so much just get a refund, you can keep the tonics (and sell them on the TP) but you'll get your gems back.

Yeah I know I can refund them it’s just that I (like many of us) really loved them and feels bad that I can’t customize them like before :(

I didn’t know you can sell them! Thanks! :)

This is how all my town cothes look like right now. I kinda hate them all. The cherry blossom shirt is green with no pants. I used to dye it purple or red and was my favourite piece. Now I hate it. The other are ok, I guess… But you can’t change the color, you can’t change nothing, can’t even fight with them. So unhappy. I will miss all my beautiful town clothes.

I think I’ve finally collected all the dyes. I still need the Flame&Frost dyes and so on, but they are really really expensive and after I bought the T3 for my asura warrior I’m left with 30g so… I’m not gonna buy them, for now at least.

I did a thing.

I don’t even play her cause I don’t like the warrior but…